Imagine is known in the region as the Home Theater specialist. Whether it is a Media Room or a dedicated Home Theater, we Design and Build the solution using the finest audio and video processors, amplifiers, speakers, projection, acoustically transparent screens and acoustical solutions in the world.

We produce detailed design drawings for construction of the Media Room or Dedicated Home Theater for predictable results both in terms of performance and aesthetics.


While we are not involved in Commercial Cinemas, we do have deep knowledge of Commercial Cinema Design, and several Producers and Directors have asked us to design their personal Screening Rooms, where we combine our knowledge of High Performance Home Cinema and ultimate 2-channel high-end audio systems, with Commercial Cinema design and components, thereby balancing aesthetics, performance and the audio and video encryption, and other criteria of a Screening Room which will be used for both Consumer and Commercial content playback.


Over the years we have designed many home theaters. Whether they were budget oriented home theaters or state of the art, we have ensured that every component was best in its price class and the aesthetic vision of the Interior Designer was maintained without compromising performance.

We can work with client appointed contractors or bring our own team to deliver a Home Theater.

We provide very detailed design drawings for construction and supervise the construction to ensure that acoustic isolation, and performance of the Home Theater are not compromised and the end result is a predictable one.


IMAX®, the industry leader in immersive cinematic experiences, has launched a private theater system. IMAX has selected an elite group of custom integrators across the Middle East to bring the IMAX experience to their most discriminating clientele. We were the FIRST to be selected, even prior to the program being launched in the Middle East. Now, for the first time, you can enjoy the IMAX experience in the comfort of your home.


Some of the most exhilarating surround sound rooms are not cinema rooms at all! They’re Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Master Bedrooms and Outdoor Patios that serve dual functions. In fact, almost any room in your home can incorporate a multi-purpose media room, concealing a home theater that only reveals itself at the touch of a button. We can engineer hidden screens and speakers that descend from ceilings, hide inside framed artwork, or rise from specially-designed furniture.