Today’s homes and luxury residential environments are benefiting from connected appliances, streaming music and videos, internet connected surveillance cameras, and wireless technologies, addressing everything from lighting controls, to security and window shades. The systems work together to keep homeowners more comfortable, secure and connected.

Making these systems work in an an integrated manner, requires multi-trade knowledge. We enable  control of your intelligent home systems from anywhere, check in on your home with remote access camera feeds, lighting, set irrigation timings and control your temperature settings. It's like you never left.

“The intelligent home systems of today are transforming homeowners lives and providing comfort, security and connectivity like never before. Live in the now. Stay connected no matter where you go!”


2-channel (stereo) music systems are making a significant comeback. Digital music has been a tremendous innovation, and there’s no better way to appreciate your personal library of music than with a true audiophile stereo system. Music systems are more advanced than ever, with AC power regenerators, esoteric materials used in tweeters, monofilament construction cables and more, and they have to be heard to be believed.


Control your home through very simple keypads and an easy-to-use remote, or touch screen (smartphone or tablet). Stop misplacing remotes and teaching others about multiple systems. Push a single button, and the everything sets itself up.


Monitor and adjust temperature in a customized and automated way, with settings based on the time of day or night, knowing if people or or will be in a room, or based on the season.


Smart technology puts intelligence into every door lock and ensures your home is locked down and monitored from every point of entrance.


Now your alarm system doesn't simply just alert when doors are opened or closed. They can now turn the house off when you arm it as well.


Cordless phones can have their own extensions, and can intercom throughout the house. They can also ring when someone is at the front door, and you can let them in too (right from the phone).


Energy use can be reduced in many different applications so that power robbing lights, HVAC and other appliances and services are optimized for only what is needed, promoting a clean and green building structure.


Imagine your pool ambient lighting controlled from your smart phone to set the mood and listen to your favorite high-resolution music streaming service under water. Fun takes on a whole new meaning.